Drone Delivery Technology


We are making drone delivery possible around the world

A Special Delivery System

Why drones?

Because drones will revolutionize logistics, connect people and communities, transport goods, medicines, and life saving aid quickly and efficiently.

When will this happen?

Right now! Drones are being operated commercially in many countries. Deliveries are happening legally in Africa, Asia, Australia, and US. We are conducting operations in Brazil and working with regulators to shape the industry and make drone delivery a reality in South America.

Are drones safe?

We focus on developing a technology that is safe, reliable, that respects privacy and provides secure communication channels with end-to-end encryption between drones and operators.

Life Is What Matters

Drones have great potential in making the transport of drugs, vaccines or medical aids faster. They are able to help in circumstances when time is crucial, in situations requiring urgent responses, during disasters or medical emergencies.

Drones can also supplement the Telemedicine practice by flying to reach remote villages where a telemedicine healthcare professional will load the aircraft with lab samples for analysis. When needed, medical supplies can also be sent via drone to a Telemedicine Station located far away.

With around 50% of world population living in rural areas, drones are useful when ambulances are out of reach, due to bad road conditions or remote areas. It might also be the case when rare drugs, blood supplies, or antivenon needs to be delivered quickly. Yes, drones can save lives!


Delivery Flight Planning

Create routes between enterprise facilities, or between a distribution center and your customers.

Fast and Simple

We turned pretty complex tools into functional user experience that is quick and definitely easy to use.

Realtime Video

Be aware of every aspect of the aircraft during the delivery flight with realtime telemetry and video transmission.


Monitor your flights in realtime and take control over multiple aircrafts. The system is aware of every delivery flight in progress.

Payload and Range

Transport up to 2 kilograms (4 pounds) payload over 8 kilometers (5 miles) range when using the SMX Delivery Drone.


You can count on us for supporting your operations! We will provide all necessary training and materials in order to make your drone delivery project a success!

“Using drones to make deliveries can already become a reality in Brazil. The current embedded technology already allows projects to be developed primarily in private areas and rural regions following current legislation.”

Emerson Granemann

DroneShow LA Chairman, CEO - MundoGEO

“The use of drones is already widespread in the area of photography and filming. Using the same technology to transport medicines can benefit a large part of the population, especially those who live farthest from urban centers.”

Ricardo Salomao

President, CEO - Grupo RS


The company

SMX Systems operates in the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for the transportation and delivery of light loads, such as medicines and medical supplies.


We specialize in software development for aircraft operation, systems integration, and the design and construction of delivery drones.


Billions of people still live in the countryside, the goal is to deliver drone solutions to serve regions farthest from major cities, quickly, safely and efficiently.


We have more than 10 years of experience in the development of software solutions in areas such as telemedicine, videoconferencing and telecommunications.